Real-Time Availability

for increased agility

When availability, forecasts and demand signals do not travel fast upstream and downstream, supply chain risks increase and the flow of goods becomes slower

Process Share enables supply chain partners to share and aggregate availability, allocations, demand and forecasts data in near real-time


Earlier detection of volatility and disruption signals across the supply chain

Smart planning through external visibility into the supply chain

Optimized safety stock levels and improved on-time/in-full rates

For buyers

  •  Near real-time access to suppliers available quantities with configurable alerts for instant updates
  •  Connected planning to prepare orders based on suppliers availability, prices and lead time
  •  Support for consignment and vendor managed inventory to outsource replenishment to suppliers
  •  Sharing of forecasts, stock levels and demand data with suppliers to improve their responsiveness

For vendors

  •  Automated product availability sharing with customers through dynamic channel based allocations
  •  Near real-time visibility of customers stock levels, available batches and demand data
  •  Configurable alerts for instant updates based on customers min/max levels, demand fluctuation and near expiry batches
  •  Automatic generation of customers replenishment orders based on customers stock levels or inventory days

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