In-Sync Product Data

for smooth supply chain operations

With rising inflation rates and continuous supply disruptions, fluctuating product data, prices and availability are furthering operational risks and trading frictions

Process Share automates the real-time exchange of product data, prices, offers and availability between trading partners


Automatically maintained catalogs data with every trade partner

Faster order planning and optimized service levels and fill rates

Reduced frictions during order receiving and invoice processing

For buyers

  •  Real-time access to vendors catalogs, prices and availability data from a centralized platform
  •  Direct integration with the ERP system to push suppliers catalogs updates into the ERP database
  •  Discrepancy reporting between product data stored in the ERP and up-to-date catalogs on the platform
  •  Instant validation of planned orders against suppliers shared product data, prices and availability

For vendors

  •  Integration with the ERP system for automatic detection of product data and price updates in the ERP database
  •  Configurable sharing of catalogs, pricelists, promotions and availability by customer
  •  Flexible catalog data conversion and formatting as per each customer required data template

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