Smart Process
Smarter Business


Seamless B2B process integration and collaboration technology for fast, intelligent and optimized end-to-end supply chain operations


Comprehensive capabilities for every B2B supply chain collaboration need

In-sync product data

Automatic product data, pricelists and images exchange between trade partners

Connected planning

B2B reconciled supply and demand planning integrated with inventory data

Frictionless order execution

Touchless exchange of orders, confirmations, shipments and goods received notices

Seamless invoice processing

Electronic invoice receiving and automatic matching with orders and goods received

Vendor managed inventory

Visibility into customers’ stock levels and expiry dates with replenishment suggestions

Supply chain visibility

Real-time exchange of schedules, order progress, inventory and demand data


Highly adaptable supply chain collaboration solution to operate connected with trade partners of every size and technical ability

One Platform

An all-in-one solution to connect with every trade partner


Seamless integration without data standardization


Powerful, flexible and easy-to-adopt platform

Use Cases

Elevated B2B collaboration experience with every trade partner

Partners using EDI solutions

Process Share complements EDI through allowing companies to better exploit the received data and work in tighter integration with all trade partners even the ones who are not using EDI


Partners collaborating through portals

Process Share will eliminate data entry and accelerate end-to-end processes through direct integration between self-service portals and systems used internally by trade partners


Partners using internal ERP systems

Process Share can seamlessly integrate with and amplify the capabilities of existing ERP systems and extend the organization’s internal processes towards the external network of trade partners


Partners not using ERP systems

Process Share can be used by smaller suppliers and customers as a supply chain management application to digitalize their internal processes and connect them to the external trade network